When you are ready to talk, woman-to-woman, let me listen and perhaps my experience will help you navigate the very rough,  male-dominated legal world.

My  nearly 20 year common law relationship and subsequent separation brought me to the brink, but the  knowledge I gained was not provided by lawyers.

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for women - by a woman

"I encourage women (only) to call me 24/7/365.

If you suffer from anxieties about how your life might be after a bad separation, I can assist. You already know things are not as they appear. But if you take charge, you can learn how to gain control of your future!" Casey

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I offer honest advice to women in need of relationship support.

I have been there, seen that and learned the traps and tricks used to purposely confuse women.

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I have dozens of documents, formats and agency names and contacts to help assist you in gaining control of your personal situation. What I have learned during my ordeal, I will share with you, so you may be able to better control your - and your children's - future.


Personal Sponsor

When women go through a bitter relationship breakup, the world is stacked against them. The balance of children, household duties, and future financial worries is too much. The feeling of helplessness causes irrational thinking and bad judgements.  I will be there day and night, much like a sponsor, helping you through the nightmare.