Let' meet

I  welcome meeting at any discrete location convenient to you.


Tell me about your experience.

It all starts with a complimentary 15 minute phone interview. If you like what you hear, and if I feel I can help you, we will have a more in-depth two hour meeting, which will cost you $100.

I need to hear how your relationship grew, and grew apart. In general terms, I have to understand your family history, about your children, and an overview of what you feel is on your wish list.

I will then give you my assessment. Thereafter you decide on what you wish to do. No pressure. However, if you choose to hire me, I will then bill you $75 for each hour of service that I perform on your behalf.


for women - by a woman

I'm available. Day or night. 

I want you to know just how dedicated I am to your needs. My standard hours are from 9AM to 5PM to address any questions or concerns you might have.  But I support all emergencies - 24/7/365.

Hours and Information

How and when do I pay?

Please understand that my "product" is time. As such, I will always note when we talk, meet, or if I do approved work for you. I keep track of this for you to audit on your weekly invoice. There are no surprises.

For the moment, you can pay my invoices by cash, or by cheque. There is no minimum, no  retainer, and you can stop at any time.


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contact info

2601 Matheson Boulevard East, Mississauga, ON, Canada

Catherine, Women's Advocate

Contact numbers are confidential but will be provided upon email request