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  • Budget formats and guidance
  • Court prep-tutoring
  • Government agencies, contacts and numbers
  • 24/7/365 support
  • ​Much, much more!

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I offer a full range of integrated services. From online investigative work, to prepping for court documents to creating household budgets and mediating meetings.

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Mission Statement

To be a leading provider of honest, compassionate and caring support, for women struggling for a fair and equitable separation settlement in a male dominated legal world.

I have no hidden agenda.

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Frequently Asked Questions

for women - by a woman
Why do you do it?

I am all about a woman's right to a fair settlement based on a level knowledge field. This is generally not happening and it is not right. I had to fight for my rights in ways that are foreign to most women. I can't not help others. It is now my calling - and I am passionate about it!

What affects you most?

I resent that women are left bringing a plastic fork to a gun fight. And I detest the mental abuse the legal establishment inflicts on those that are at their weakest when they need support the most. It's disgusting, and it's not right --- but it happens continuously, everywhere, and at most levels.

How can I afford your services?

If you are like me, you're not making enough money to afford the $300-$450 per hour legal fees to fight your way through the system. And you won't have the time either. You probably run a household, are raising children and holding down a job to try to helps make ends meet. I had the assistance of many good people to win my battle. I was blessed in this respect.  And now I want to pass on my knowledge.  This is now my passion, and I have also made it my job, so I do have to charge a fee. But I have kept it as low as possible at $75 per hour to cover my overhead expenses; plus $0.55 per kilometer when travel is required. The money you invest in me today, will return to you in the end.